We offer comprehensive consulting for the crypto space.

The Crypto Basics

What is a blockchain and why does it matter?

How do ICOs work?

How do I acquire my first crypto currency?

What are keys, wallets and addresses?

What differentiates Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA?

The Security Basics

What are the advantages of multi-signature schemes?

How to set up cold-storage?

How to create secure backups?

How to assume ownership of crypto assets securely?


We offer unique seminars as an introduction to the crypto space.

The creative application of mathematical laws from the field cryptography allow almost magical use cases. The creation of the first decentralized currency – Bitcoin – is the beginning of a fast evolving discipline. We present and explain in detail how the magic works.

Paul Otto

Paul Otto

Managing Partner

Cryptocurrency Seminars

How does Bitcoin work? From A like ASIC to X like xPUB.

How is Ethereum different? What is ICO, ERC20, PoS?

How to take advantage of forks and airdrops?

Which other big projects and persons are worth following?

Security Seminars

Potential attacks vectors of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and tokens

Weak points of privater keys, wallets and transactions

A historical overview of successful hacks and their lessons