We explain and implement security.

Information and Advice

We offer reports and presentations with advantages and disadvantages as well as in-person workshops about common custody solutions.


Online wallets, e.g., Green Address

Software wallets, e.g. Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Green Address

Hardware wallets by Ledger SAS and Satoshi Labs (Trezor)

Exchanges, e.g. Bitstamp ltd., Bittrex inc., iFinex inc (Bitfinex)

Basic Solution

Our basic solution Storage-L1 is readily available and operational. Whether you are a wealthy individual, a wealth manager or a capital managing firm ‒ our Storage-L1 solution offers a high degree of security and usability.


Step by step how to guides

Recommended hardware and software

Supports the largest cryptocurrencies

High security with low overhead

Johannes Magar

General Partner


Custodianship of cryptocurrencies presents both a legal and technical challenge. Our solutions reach the highest security guarantees. At the same time they remain flexible enough to satisfy all use-cases of the user.

Custom Solution

We develop a custodial solution that satisfies your security and use-case demands.

Tested hardware and software of highest security

Protocols and processes tailored to the user

Solutions are modular and expandable; they grow along with the user and the crypto space.

Cold Storage

Our specialized hardware protects against hacks and key leaks.


Self compiled software offers protection from harmful code.


Our system supports regular upgrades and updates.

Multi Signature

All solutions use multi-sig. We offer to function as live or backup signer.


Secure and reliable backups of seeds and logs.


Protocols and guides for the daily transactions.