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First Crypto-Index-Certificate tracking the F5 Crypto Index

The Crypto-Index-Certificate is the first investable financial product for professional investors based on our scientifically constructed F5 Crypto Index.

Bank Frick in Liechtenstein issues the Index-Certificate. Bank Frick is fully regulated under Liechtenstein and European law (EU/EEA). Following European passporting rules the Certificate is available for all professional investors in the EU.

Liechtenstein has the highest S&P country rating of AAA. The Certificate follows our index by holding the underlying crypto assets.

Bank Frick makes it possible for you to take part in the crypto space in a secure and easy way.


First Crypto-Index-Certificate with ISIN

Certificate tracks our F5 Crypto Index

Optimal addition to traditional portfolios

Dynamic exposure to the crypto markets

Emitted by European Bank Frick



The bank was established 20 years ago and is highly innovative.


The bank is regulated by the financial supervisor in its home country.


The bank’s country has the highest
S&P country rating: AAA.


Index developed by crypto scientist Prof. Hermann Elendner of the HU in Berlin.


Twelve different crypto-assets enhance diversification within the crypto space.


Crypto assets have low or negative correlations to traditional asset classes.

The Crypto-Index-Certificate offers professional investors a unique opportunity to be part of the early adopters of the crypto revolution. Without the complications of directly investing into crypto assets, it complements every well-diversified portfolio.


Paul Otto

Managing Partner

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