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[German] The strategic cooperation between VPE Bank AG, Bank Frick and F5 Crypto Capital GmbH allows professional investors to invest into cryptocurrencies


[German] Cryptocurrencies – Risk versus Chance?

Das Investment

[German] Suitable crypto investment vehicles for asset managers

[German] Bank Frick issues an Index-Certificate on top of the F5 Crypto Index

[German] F5 Crypto Capital publishes Crypto Index

[German] Bank Frick issues a certificate on top of the F5 Crypto Index

[German] Berlin startup F5 Crypto supports the issuance of a European crypto-index-certificate

[German] Interview with F5 Crypto Capital co-founder Florian

[German] German Startup: Launch of the first certificate based on a crypto-index

[German] The F5 Crypto Capital GmbH offers the first crypto index-certificate world-wide