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We’re the leading experts in the crypto universe.

For more than half a decade we’ve been exploring and analysing the marketplace. We’ve gained invaluable insight, built on our experience and nurtured important relationships. We’re excited to share our know-how with you.

Johannes Magar

General Partner

Investor Relations

Johannes has 30 years of experience in the financial industry. His work has been focused on integral wealth management and private asset managent. As a trained banker and financial planner (EBS), he’s always paid particular attention to developments within the financial sector.

Johannes’ interest in options and futures led him to take his examination as an options and futures trader at the former German Derivatives Exchange (DTB), the predecessor of today’s EUREX.

After various roles within the sector, including as Head of Private Banking at a major German bank, Johannes chose to become self-employed in 2008.

He puts the knowledge he’s gained over the years to good use as the managing partner of a Family Trust, based in Luxembourg.

For over a decade, Florian has focused on finance in both an academic and business environment. He specialized in Financial Economics and Corporate Finance at highly renowned Universities in Germany and the USA. His Master’s Thesis entitled ‘Issuance of a cryptocurrency ETF – necessity, computation and challenges’ unified finance and cryptocurrencies.

Florian is an expert in traditional finance and modern internet finance. His experience spans traditional banks as well as a major consultancy. He’s also set up his own successful business.

Florian enjoys meeting and working alongside fellow stakeholders including: academics, investors, analysts, programmers and blockchain enthusiasts. He’s delighted to live in the crypto capital Berlin.

Florian Doehnert

Managing Partner


Florian Doehnert
Paul Otto

Paul Otto

Managing Partner


Paul has one of the most analytical minds in Berlin. Former Berlin Math-Olympiad winner, he graduated high school with one of the highest physics scores in the city.

While studying, he mastered online poker, before graduating from University with expertise in financial and discrete mathematics.

Paul quickly went on to found his first business and started investing broadly, including in cryptocurrencies. Paul’s excitement about Bitcoin led him to take further schooling in cryptography, economics and game theory. He contributes to our fundamental analysis by evaluating crypto-economics.

Paul’s second focus is security. By understanding the math and implementations behind ECDSA, the signature scheme used to authorize transactions in all cryptocurrencies, he sets up security solutions that require no third-party trust, are provably secure against diverse threat models, and offer heightened privacy.

Christian is currently writing his Master’s Thesis in Mathematics at the Europa University of Flensburg.

Prior to his current studies Christian conducted his Bachelor’s Thesis about mathematical applications of ECDSA and digital signatures in distributed ledger technology.

His current research deals with modern encryption technologies, especially sponge constructions, which are used in many crypto projects (see: Keccak Hash).

At the beginning of his studies, Christian made first contact with mathematical game theory through online poker. Later, he founded his first start-up in the crypto sector, which he successfully runs up to now.

Christian has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2016 and is fascinated by the multitude of projects and solutions currently being developed in this emerging sector. In order to discover new innovations early, he researches cryptocurrencies that are outside the top 100 in terms of market capitalization or are still in the development stage.

Christian Musanke

General Partner


Christian Musanke

Prof. Hermann Elendner

Scientific Counsel

Hermann is professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU). His research focuses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology at the interface between financial economics and computer science.

In recent years, Hermann has become a leading blockchain expert. His research studies deal with how virtual currencies generate value and process information, how to incorporate the new asset class of cryptos in portfolio management, and how the micro-structure of blockchain markets provides liquidity and resiliency. In cooperation with the Weizenbaum Institute he is working on value stabilisation via algorithmic monetary policy in blockchain protocols.

He is teaching a course on cryptocurrencies at HU, has created a coin, and supports CRIX, the family of statistical crypto-indices at HU. In his activity for national regulators in Europe and Asia he aims to foster a reasonable legal framework for cryptocurrencies. To bridge academia and industry, he is organising BlockChainNights in Berlin.

In collaboration with the F5 team, he has developed the F5 Crypto Index, an investment strategy for cryptocurrencies based on state-of-the-art research and optimised for practical implementation. The F5 Crypto Index is designed as a global benchmark for investments in crypto-markets.