Hermann Elendner

Prof. Hermann Elendner

Scientific Counsel

Hermann is professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU). His research focuses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology at the interface between financial economics and computer science.
In recent years, Hermann has become a leading blockchain expert. His research studies deal with how virtual currencies generate value and process information, how to incorporate the new asset class of cryptos in portfolio management, and how the micro-structure of blockchain markets provides liquidity and resiliency. In cooperation with the Weizenbaum Institute he is working on value stabilisation via algorithmic monetary policy in blockchain protocols.
He is teaching a course on cryptocurrencies at HU, has created a coin, and supports CRIX, the family of statistical crypto-indices at HU. In his activity for national regulators in Europe and Asia he aims to foster a reasonable legal framework for cryptocurrencies. To bridge academia and industry, he is organising BlockChainNights in Berlin.
In collaboration with the F5 team, he has developed the F5 Crypto Index, an investment strategy for cryptocurrencies based on state-of-the-art research and optimised for practical implementation. The F5 Crypto Index is designed as a global benchmark for investments in crypto-markets.