Crypto Expertise made in Germany

since 2013

F5 Crypto Capital

Crypto Expertise made in Germany

F5 Crypto Portfolio

  • Our corporate portfolio
  • Transparent insights into our decisions
  • Test phase for a planned crypto-fund

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F5 Crypto Portfolio
F5 Crypto Fonds

F5 Crypto Fonds

  •   Planned crypto-fund in Germany
  •   Diversified and dynamic investments in crypto assets
  •   Well-known, regulated investment structure under German law

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F5 Crypto Research

  • Free and in German
  • Institutional grade research
  • LIVE insights in our F5 Crypto Portfolio

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F5 Crypto Index - Illustration

F5 Crypto Index

  • The index with the best performance among all established crypto indices
  • Scientific basis, developed with the HU Berlin
  • Innovative weighting approach through momentum factor

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F5 Crypto Consulting

  • Professional advice for financial institutions
  • Specific research reports for companies
  • Individual in-house seminars for financial institutions

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F5 Crypto Consulting

Prof. Hermann Elendner

Prof. Hermann Elendner

F5 Crypto Index Developer


The F5 index is an investment strategy designed for cryptocurrencies. It harnesses the strong momentum in crypto markets.
F5’s factor-based, robust portfolio optimization incorporates state-of-the-art research to maximize cryptocurrency investment returns.

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