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F5 Crypto – Our Creed

Since 2018, our leading crypto financial products and top-tier crypto investment experts have positioned us as the go-to resource for semi-professional and professional investors in the burgeoning asset class of digital assets.

We captivate our clients with an in-depth understanding of the crypto sector, our dependable “Made in Germany” financial products, and our holistic one-stop-shop approach that addresses all crypto-related matters.

We exclusively partner with regulatory-compliant entities in Germany, ensuring robust security in the complex realm of crypto investments.

Our mission is clear: to establish smart crypto investments that are as solid as stocks, as trustworthy as government bonds, as rigorous as university endowments, and as accessible as ETFs.

F5 Crypto – Our History

Since 2013, we, the founders, have been deeply engaged with the crypto market, initially drawn by the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Our involvement began with personal investments, focusing on identifying fundamentally strong projects – which proved that this skill delivers substantial returns.



A notable example was the Ethereum ICO, when we acquired 2,000 ETH for each BTC. Today, Ethereum has skyrocketed to 100x that amount, equating 20 ETH to 1 BTC – despite Bitcoin’s value in euros increasing by 150x since 2014. It quickly became clear that digital assets were emerging as a distinct and new asset class, one that was sure to draw institutional interest. The only remaining question was, when?

We began preparing to set up a professional crypto asset-management company. Then, in 2018, a significant opportunity arose when a family office expressed interest in investing 100 million euros. This prompted us to launch F5 Crypto Capital GmbH in Berlin.


Flagge von Liechtenstein

At that time, few jurisdictions welcomed professional crypto investments. Germany remained cautious, while Luxembourg, Gibraltar, and Malta were more advanced. It was only in Liechtenstein, with its progressive approach, that we could partner with Bank Frick to introduce a certificate backed by a basket of cryptocurrencies.

What would the ideal basket of major cryptocurrencies look like? We sought a scientifically sound answer, which led us to make an offer that the crypto professor at Humboldt University in Berlin could not refuse: a contract in BTC, for a white paper that would develop the leading global crypto index, complete with the R code to manage the portfolio in real time. This was how the F5 Crypto Index came into being.

Erste Seite des F5 Crypto Index Whitepapers


From the outset, it was clear that our investors preferred crypto products sourced domestically. Consequently, we quickly seized the opportunity presented by the new Fund Location Act in 2021 to launch a liquid crypto fund in Germany, registered with BaFin.

Thus we set a significant industry milestone: With our F5 Crypto Fund, for the first time a German Alternative Investment Fund made direct physical investments in crypto assets. It has provided investors with an opportunity to participate in a straightforward, legally compliant, and secure manner, effortlessly navigating all obstacles—from trading and custody to deposit eligibility—strictly under German regulations, with the support of only BaFin-licensed service providers.

Flagge von Deutschland


Reflecting on our journey, we boast over a decade of experience in the crypto market,, taking pride in our progress, our innovative products, and the widespread recognition of our expertise. However, for us, this is merely the starting point:

Our passion drives us to continually develop the smartest crypto financial products for our clients and manage them as smart as possible.

F5 Crypto – Our Team

We are crypto natives with decades of experience in the crypto ecosystem.

Supervisory Board

Experienced Supervisory Board members from the fields of traditional finance and law.


Our team is supported by knowledgeable specialists in DLT and financial services.

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Jens Hilgers

Jens Hilgers

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Martin Garcia

Martin Garcia

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Marian Walter

Marian Walter

ETP Expert
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Christian Junger

Christian Junger

DLT Expert & Advisor
We are a driven team with a passion for the crypto market, dedicated to smart performance.
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