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Our Principles


Our products are managed by our in-house, BaFin-registered asset management company.

Made in Germany

Our service partners are based in Germany and are licensed or registered with the relevant authorities.


Investing in our products is hassle-free and uncomplicated; we take care of all complexities.
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Why do we find the crypto asset class of highly intriguing?

  • Digitalisation: Rapid Advancement of digitalisation. Blockchain technology has the potential to efficiently, securely, and transparently digitise all types of assets across various domains.
  • Decentralisation: Assets are protected against unintended, uncontrollable, or even malicious developments.
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How do we select the most promising crypto assets?

  • Fundamental Analyses: Our well-established and continuously evolving analytical framework meticulously examines crypto assets, concentrating on essential aspects and fostering comparability across analyses.
  • Information Asymmetry:
    Early detection and recognition of trends, developments, and sentiment to invest in specific crypto assets before general hype phases.”
  • Scientific Approach:
    Monitoring and implementation of scientific crypto insights, along with proprietary crypto research, to drive data-informed portfolio and risk management.

Explore our Cryto Financial Products

Krypto Trading Chart

F5 Crypto Fund – Fundamental Long

The F5 Crypto Fund is one of the first open-end crypto funds in Germany that invests in liquid crypto assets. The F5 Crypto Fund is a general open-end Special AIF according to § 282 KAGB.


F5 Crypto Index

The F5 Crypto Index is one of the world’s oldest crypto indices, ‘Made in Germany’ by Prof. Dr. Hermann Elendner. The index members are in compliance with EUREX and BaFin standards. The weighting of index members follows an innovative momentum factor.


F5 Crypto Research

F5 Crypto Research provides professional analyses of crypto assets. Each crypto asset receives a F5 Crypto Rating to ensure comparability. We analyse crypto assets down to the finest detail.