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Paul is the founder and Chief Investment Officer at F5 Crypto. He makes investment decisions for the F5 Crypto Fund 1. Paul’s areas of expertise include Bitcoin, economic and crypto-economic analysis, as well as security, including the custody of crypto assets.

Even as a child, Paul demonstrated his analytical abilities. In 2003, he won the Berlin Mathematics Olympiad, and in 2008, he achieved one of the best physics high school diplomas in the state of Berlin. After completing his studies at TU Berlin, he moved to Scotland and climbed to the top of the world in online poker. In the last years of his poker career, Paul built an international poker coaching team, training more than 30 of the brightest poker minds from across Europe. Two of Paul’s former long-term poker students are among the top 10 poker players in the world. On the side, he founded his first company, which he sold in 2018 during the founding period of F5.

Paul has lived in five different countries. He invests based on the principles of fundamental analysis, quantitatively reasoned decisions, and cautious position sizing with targeted allocations to risky assets.

The value system of a society regulates who owns what, how much things are worth, and how they are transferred. It forms the basis of any functional society. Paul is convinced that Bitcoin offers significant advantages over existing technologies for storing value, transferring value, and organizing ownership information. Therefore, he believes that Bitcoin will have a secure place in the financial system in the medium to long term.