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Aim: Regulated crypto fund under German Law (§ 2 IV KAGB)

  Designed for accredited and professional investors

Experienced crypto experts in management

Optimal product to diversify any portfolio


Regulated Product

alternative investment fund with traditional structure

Secure Custody

crypto assets are segregated funds of a regulated custodian

Diversified Portfolio

diversification among different crypto assets increases risk adjusted returns

Active Management

fundamental analysis, experience how the market acts and contacts to the decision makers

True Crypto Experts

over a decade of combined experience and excellent track records

100% Backed

all crypto currencies are bought and stored “physically”

Investment Strategy

Investments in crypto assets, ICOs/STOs, crypto equity, crypto stocks

The F5 Crypto Index will determine the weights of most crypto assets held

Majority of portfolio are highly liquid crypto assets

 Exclusive access to information, developers and deal flows

Our F5 Crypto Fund generates alpha through our in depth understanding and analysis. Our investment decisions are aided by the experience of our Team. External consulting supports our decisions. Our positions are held medium to long term.

Florian Doehnert

Florian Doehnert

Managing Partner

Facts & Numbers

min. investment: 200.000 EUR

lock up time: tbd

management fee: tbd

performance fee: tbd

investment rounds: tbd

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